About Us


BRIDGE CRANES, (trading for the Trustee of Votek FT), is a West Australian owned business that specialises in all aspects of Overhead Crane Maintenance , Repair , Inspections , Load Testing , Modification , Upgrading as well as providing spare parts for all makes and types of Cranes and Hoists.


With our vast amount of knowledge and experience gained over the past 22 years in the WA Crane Industry , our customers can be assured of a quality service to ensure the economical safety and reliability of their Cranes and Hoists.


Projects completed during the past 4 years include –


  • Supplying and installing automatic safety footprint limits ( No Go Zones ) on Overhead Cranes.
  • General Overhead Crane service and repair work for CMI , AUSCO , JACKS WINCHES , and the total ongoing, whole site maintenance at JOHN HOLLAND FLASH BUTT RAIL, including realignment and levelling of roller conveyors; 18 x Overhead cranes; all plant equipment, machinery and services.

    Currently, we are focusing on carrying out 10/25 Year Major Inspections within the metropolitan area to ensure equipment is safe, reliable, compliant and operating at optimal efficiency.


    At BRIDGE CRANES we strive to ensure total customer satisfaction with continual in-house product and OHS training and innovative Maintenance methods which results in a WIN-WIN situation for customer and service provider alike.


    We also stock and supply our own brand of Overhead Crane PRE-START / LOG BOOK which is now a requirement for all Cranes and Hoists.


    With BRIDGE CRANES on your site you can be assured of a highly safety focused service to ensure the safety of all contractors , employee,s and equipment alike.