Service & Repairs

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE is the key method in achieving a safe and reliable Overhead Crane.


The costs of these unproductive lost man hours , production stoppages , delays in getting your product out of the door , or even injuries to personnel , can never be regained.


These damaging costs on your business can be highly reduced by the investment made in increasing the safety and reliability of your Overhead Cranes and Hoists.





The average service interval for the majority of Industrial Cranes and Hoists is a minimum of 3 monthly , however , the deciding factor is the hours of usage and the environmental conditions of the operations.


BRIDGE CRANES can assess your equipment and recommend the correct service interval and method for your Overhead Cranes and Hoists.


All our customers are placed on our data base to ensure services and Inspections are completed on time , to keep your Cranes and Hoists SAFE , RELIABLE and COMPLIANT.


Our fully trained Crane Technicians will carry out a comprehensive service and Inspection and a fully detailed report will be completed for each unit as well as the completion of the Statutory Log Book documentation for your record keeping.


As well as the minimum requirement of routine maintenance / Inspection servicing , we also carry out Periodic Inspections ( minimum frequency of once per year ) , Third Party Inspections and 10 year / 25 year Major Inspections.


The 10/25 year Major Inspections shall be used to assist in the assessment of a Crane,s suitability for continued safe use based on factors where the design life of the Crane is unkown.


A 10 year Major Inspection shall be completed for all Electrical , Mechanical and ancillary equipment.


All structural equipment including the Crane structure , Crab and trolley , End carriages , Runway rail and support structure shall have a Major Inspection carried out at 25 year intervals.


Documentation shall be kept of all records of all routine maintenance , routine Inspections , periodic and 10/25 year Major Inspections.


Our PRE- START / LOG BOOKS are perfect for this requirement.





As we all know , even the most thorough preventative maintenance regime cannot guarantee 100% reliability and should the unexpected break down occur , you can rest assured that our fully trained Crane Technicians with their fully stocked service vehicles will have your Cranes and Hoists up and running again in the shortest possible time.


As well as being a quality service , Inspection and repair provider we also provide services as listed below –


  • Load Testing
  • Motor Rewinding
  • New Cranes , New Wire Rope Hoists , New Chain Hoists
  • Load Cells and Digital Display units
  • New spare parts for all types and makes of Overhead Cranes
  • New Pre Start / Log Books
  • New Radio Remote Control units
  • New Wire rope replacements
  • New Crane wheels manufactured
  • Electrical and Mechanical repairs
  • Engineering services


Talk to us to discuss your requirements and we will provide economical solutions to keep your Cranes and Hoists safe , reliable and compliant.